Sweet Delights at Yeti Eddy: A Sneak Peek into Our Menu

Need a go-to spot for delicious sweet treats? Well, we’re here for you, Conroe, Texas! At Yeti Eddy, we have all the yummy goodies for every craving, and we couldn't resist giving you an exclusive sneak peek at our menu. So keep reading and prepare for a sweet escape!

infographic highlighting Yeti Eddy's menu
shaved ice

Signature Shaved Ice and Ice Cream

Get ready to chill out in style with our tantalizing Hawaiian shaved ice. Picture yourself transported to sun-drenched beaches as you sample refreshing flavors. And let's not forget our award-winning ice cream, crafted with the finest ingredients.

cookie dough

Gourmet Cookies

Calling all cookie connoisseurs! Yeti Eddy is proud to present our lineup of gourmet cookies, baked with melt-in-you-mouth goodness. Sink your teeth into our signature yeti-sized cookies, soft-baked to perfection, and loaded with chunks of chocolate.


Scrumptious Candy

Prepare to be amazed as you step into our local candy shop wonderland. From timeless classics to modern marvels, our shelves are brimming with over 50 varieties of sweet and savory treats. Indulge in a handful of gummy bears or lose yourself in the velvety richness of our premium chocolates. With options as diverse as our imaginations, the only challenge is deciding what to try first!

pouring coffee

Bean-to-Cup Coffee

For the grown-ups seeking a pick-me-up, you need to try our premium bean-to-cup coffee selection. Treat yourself to velvety latte macchiatos, bold espressos, or comforting cappuccinos, where each sip is a journey of flavor and aroma. Our coffee promises to warm your soul and keep you buzzing with delight, whether it's morning, noon, or night.

Indulge your sweet tooth and awaken your taste buds at Yeti Eddy, where a delectable adventure awaits with our signature shaved ice and ice cream, gourmet cookies, scrumptious candy, and bean-to-cup coffee. Come visit us today in Conroe, Texas, and get ready to savor every moment of these irresistible treats!

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