Who is Yeti Eddy?

The Origin Story of Yeti Eddy

  • Deep in the Arctic, a Yeti tribe lived in a place called Zusha town
  • There were only smiling faces and never any frowns
  • A place of beauty and always frigidly cold
  • A place where most of the Yetis were very, very old
  • A Yeti boy named Eddy had a dream to explore
  • As did his little sister Betty who everyone adored
  • With a world to discover and mysteries to uncover
  • Yeti Eddy and his little sister Betty decided to leave Zusha town
  • They let everyone in the village know they were going on an adventure and
  • wouldn't be around
  • Yeti Eddy packed his snowboard because he never went anywhere without it
  • He was the champion snow boarder, which nobody ever doubted
  • He packed his favorite hoodie, games, candies and sweet treats
  • Plenty to share with anyone new they might meet
  • So they bundled up for their journey afar
  • and left their little town where all the Yetis are
  • After many days and many nights of traveling
  • They knew they had made it and started to sing
  • Yeti Eddy and Yeti Betty finally arrived in their brand new world
  • They knew they would make great friends with every boy and every girl
  • They saw so many things that did not seem real
  • Like cars and trains and snowboards with wheels
  • Yeti Eddy and Yeti Betty just stood in awe
  • They could not believe all the things that they saw
  • Every new discovery was beautiful and nice
  • The thing they missed most was their childhood favorite…Yeti Shaved Ice
  • You see Yetis are known throughout their land
  • For having the best shaved ice, which are kept secret in the Yeti clan
Eddy-seamless pattern (1) (1).png
  • Yeti Eddy and Yeti Betty talked not once but twice and decided to open a shop
  • of candies and shaved ice
Yeti Betty began decorating with shades of blue and teal
  • While Yeti Eddy dreamed of a snowboard with wheels
  • People came from every walk of life
  • To taste the Yeti clan flavors found in their shaved ice
  • Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams
  • No matter how big or impossible they may seem
  • There is a reason you are here, there is a gift within
  • So open up your heart and let your journey BEGIN
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